Fly Ash (Sterling Ash)

Chemical Stabilization of Coal Fly Ash for Simultaneous

Chemical Stabilization of Coal Fly Ash for Simultaneous Suppressing of As, B, and Se Leaching
By Sri Hartuti, Shinji Kambara, Akihiro Takeyama, Farrah Fadhillah Hanum and Erda Rahmilaila Desfitri


The discard of coal fly ash produced from the combustion of pulverized coal in a coal-fired boiler of thermal power plants has led to environmental concerns. Due to the interaction of fly ash particles with weathering and hydrological processes, the rainfall leaches out toxic elements in coal fly ash from the ash heaps. This situation has been pointed out as a potential contamination of soil, surface, and groundwater. In this chapter, the available fly ash treatment techniques to minimize future release of toxic trace elements (arsenic, boron, and selenium) have been documented, and the recent investigations dealing with leaching suppression effect of arsenic, boron, and selenium from coal fly ash have been reviewed. The leaching characteristics of arsenic, boron, and selenium are discussed, and a simple and low-cost leaching control method is presented in the context of treating the fly ash through chemical stabilization technique using additives containing high levels of calcium. Experimental results described in this chapter show the chemical stabilization technique utilizing Ca-containing additives is an effective technique for simultaneous suppressing of As, B, and Se leaching from coal fly ash.


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