Increased Concrete Strength

Improves Concrete Pump ability

Reduced Water Requirement

Reduced Drying Shrinkage

Lowers Heat of Hydration


Leading Fly Ash Supplier in Pakistan

STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is a Class F Fly Ash recovered from Coal Fired Power Plants in Pakistan. STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is a Pozzolan for concrete, consisting of the “finely divided residue that results from the combustion of ground or powdered coal” as defined by ASTM C 618.

A Pozzolan, as defined by ASTM, reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide produced by the hydration of Portland cement to form additional cementations compounds. STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) Class F Fly Ash significantly increases the ability of concrete to resist attack from sulfates in soil or ground water. Additionally, Class F fly ash has been proven through extensive research and field experience to be highly effective in mitigating the deleterious effects of unrestrained alkali-silica reactions (ASR) in concrete.

STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is produced from the combustion of pulverized bituminous coal. When correctly proportioned, concrete which contains fly ash can have equivalent or greater 28-day compressive strengths when compared to Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete. Due to the Pozzolanic reaction fly ash concrete will continue to gain strength beyond 28 days exceeding that of Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete.


Increased Concrete Strength

Decreased Permeability

Improves Concrete Pump ability

Smoother Surface Finish

Reduced Water Requirement

Economical Savings

Reduced Drying Shrinkage

Lowers Heat of Hydration


Starling ASH - Leading Fly Ash Supplier in Pakistan

We understand the importance of processing of material to categorize in diverse grades. The Fly Ash is readily available, according to the requirement to the clients in Customized Packing Material, large stacks carrying up to 1 mt and free stock in 20-50mt road tankers (bulkers). We own our private system of supply for doorstep delivery to our client.


Starling ASH - Leading Fly Ash Supplier in Pakistan

STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is a finely grounded material with a seamless globular form of specks. The Fly Ash concrete visually seems additionally consistent; generally, the fly ash concrete has a relatively low requirement of fine aggregate than pure ordinary Portland cement (OPC) for the production of a high performing mixture.


Starling ASH - Leading Fly Ash Supplier in Pakistan

STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) can be used as a pozzolan in virtually any concrete application. When correctly proportioned STERLING ASH (Fly Ash)  will add many benefits such as increased strength, increased durability and reduced permeability.

STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is particularly beneficial in high performance concrete applications where high compressive strengths are required or where severe exposure conditions demand highly durable concrete. Class F fly ash is also very effective at mitigating problems associated with alkali-silica reactions. In mass concrete placements where low heats of hydration are required STERLING ASH (Fly Ash)class F fly ash is very advantageous in controlling temperature rise.

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Starling ASH (FLY ASH)

  • Standard 50 kgs PP bags
  • 1.4MT PP Jumbo Bags
  • Bulk supplies

We hold good quantity of stock in hand. Immediate Delivery can be made in standard packing. 

Fly Ash (Sterling Ash)
Fly Ash (Sterling Ash)


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